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Tryout Information

Tryout Information and Dates

Dates: 3/2 and 3/3

Softball 3:30-5:00

Baseball 4:30-6:00

Each FCA team will have a formal tryout period. At the end of this formal tryout period the coach(es) of each team, with approval from the athletic director, will select the intended members. Each team will be posted in a way that is fitting for that team. The tryout process is intended to support the overall growth mindset of FCA. It is important to understand that players will be selected based upon a variety of factors such as, but not limited to: sport specific skills, athletic ability, behavior, team chemistry, potential, age, etc.

In order to tryout and ultimately to participate on any FCA Athletic team, each student must have a completed VHSL Physical Form. This form cannot be replaced by any other school physical form or general physical form. The form may be turned in at any point before the tryout. These forms are valid for one academic school year and are valid for multiple sports. Please understand that without this form, a student will not be able to tryout, no exceptions.

Following tryouts and before the first game, each player who makes the roster will be expected to pay the team fees associated with Middle School or Varsity athletics. The team fees are as follows: $125 for FCA students participating on a varsity team, $100 for FCA students participating on a middle school team, $150 for a homeschool student participating on a varsity sport, and $125 for a homeschool student participating on a middle school team. If a student-athlete has already played on an athletic team during that academic year, $25 will be deducted from their fee.