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Share the Vision

Faith Christian Academy’s Athletics Department wants to share its Vision with you through its three goals:

Faith Declared-

I Timothy 4:12 tells us to set an example for the believers in life, faith, love and absolute purity. FCA Athletics wants our faith to be Declared in all areas. Our coaches are Declaring their faith; our players are Declaring their faith; and our administrators are Declaring their faith. FCA Athletics is Declaring a faith in Christ through our actions, because our actions are the fruit of what our hearts are growing.

FCA Athletics is a member of the Virginia Association of Christian Athletics (VACA).  VACA membership includes two types of teams:  Undeclared and Declared.  Undeclared teams operate similarly to club teams and are able to schedule other VACA member schools to compete against, but they are considered ineligible for any postseason competition.  Declared teams have a limit on the number of homeschoolers per team, age restrictions, and other select, sports-specific criteria, but may participate in all areas of competition, including postseason.  While winning is not the sole purpose of FCA Athletics, our goal is to field the best teams we can in order to create a Culture of Excellence through our Growth Mindset.  Therefore, FCA Athletics is striving for Faith Declared.


Culture of Excellence-

Colossians 3:23 explains that as followers of Christ, we are called to do everything in an attitude this is focused on serving the Lord. Ecclesiastes 9:10 tells us that in whatever activity we engage, we must do it with all our ability.Through our Faith Declared, FCA Athletics strives to promote a continual attitude of excellence by striving to do all that we do to the best of our ability.Striving for excellence is expected in school work, in team practices, in attitude, in participation, in effort, and in commitment.We look for commitment to be made every week, every day, every hour, and – at times – every moment, from every individual in FCA Athletics: our coaches, our athletes, and our administration. FCA Athletics is committed to creating a Culture of Excellence.


Growth Mindset-

Creating a Culture of Excellence and having Faith Declared will be a result of a Growth Mindset.  The mindset of an individual or an organization will ultimately shape their achievements.  A Growth Mindset hinges on the idea that ability is always developed.  This has the opportunity to radically impact and grow every individual, in all facets of their lives, because it reminds us that ability is not static – or only given at birth.  Just as in our walk with Christ where being stagnant is not an option, remaining stagnant in athletics is not an option.  Continued development of ability comes from continued work. You are either facing growth through hard work, or the atrophy is already underway.

So what does growth look like in FCA Athletics?  The Growth Mindset is occurring in every area of FCA Athletics and working hand-in-hand with our Faith Declared and Culture of Excellence.  In order to grow, and in order to see results, we are first focusing inward on personal growth, understanding it is not someone else’s responsibility to change us.  We are committing to take ownership of our actions and each individual is working hard to achieve personal excellence.  FCA Athletics’ Culture of Excellence will then be achieved.  “Be strong and do not give up for your work shall be rewarded.”  2 Chronicles 15:7.